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I empower women who struggle with body shame and confusion about healthy living, who want to love their bodies and their lives. Women who have a burning desire to lose weight for the last time.

I lost 130 Pounds 17 years ago!

I lost 130 Pounds 17 years ago!

Are you Struggling With:

  • Not enough time to prepare healthy food?
  • Consistency? You are “good” for a few days and then fall off the wagon.
  • No energy to exercise? By the time you are finished with your day all you want to do is lay on the couch.
  • Have no idea what to eat and then end up at the drive thru again.
  • Lack of will power around food.
  • Restricting foods to the point where you binge eat?
  • Always losing the same 30 pounds and gaining it back plus more?
  • Lack of confidence, body shame and low self-esteem?


I totally understand the frustration you are feeling, most of my life I’ve had similar struggles. You may be feeling like it’s hopeless and you’ll be a yo yo dieter for the rest of your life. From my own journey and experience of being morbidly obese for the first 25 years of my life, I lost 130 pounds 17 years ago and have completely transformed my life. I know how to help you get to the core of why you are struggling and breakthrough so that you can finally lose weight for the last time, end the confusion around food, live a healthy lifestyle, feel comfortable in your skin, be excited to go shopping for new clothing, want to take full length photos of your body, participate in your life again and have fun!

“Working with Eileen has truly been an incredible journey. Who knew that being healthy could be so easy? Not only have I transformed my lifestyle and lost weight, my whole family has transformed and has become healthy. Even my kids have lost weight and we all have tremendous energy that carries us through the day. Eileen is so easy and fun to work with and her expertise in health and nutrition is amazing. She held my hand every step of the way, especially through all my challenges and held me accountable to the promises I made to myself. Thank you Eileen!                                 – Sheila K


  1. Kassandra · August 17, 2015

    What up!?!


  2. Eileen Cohen · September 6

    Amazing website, Eileen! I wish you all the success in the world! And I will be sure to refer others to you whenever I can! Best of luck!


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